I am so blessed to be able to marry what I like to do with what I was created to do.

Property Management is what I like to do.

A field that has served me well for two decades. It is where I learned to be "everything to everybody" while holding on to myself. Pleasing investors, clients, government officials, residents and stake holders. It is where I learned to be a leasing and marketing guru, a building inspector, crisis management mediator, rent collector, human resource officer, company trainer and eviction specialist....all while balancing multi million dollar budgets and making cookies for the kids that called my communities home. Really, seriously. For real.

I have counseled hundreds of residents over the years as to why I am changing locks for the third time and replacing door jams due to a violent crazed domestic partner, OR why I have to file an eviction because they took rent money and went Christmas shopping! I have entertained far to many children that were latch key without a key or abandoned at the bus stop.

It was the craziness that is property management that ALL OF MY WONDER GIRL POWERS where birthed, cultivated and practiced.

I am successful at my 9-5 grind. Because of my efforts, I was recruited to two major markets, Miami and Atlanta. But despite my professional success, the warm and fuzzy was "calling". I was compensated but not fulfilled. I needed to do more and found away to do it through charitable efforts, speaking, coaching and writing....hence where I am now.

It all has come nicely together.

I am many things.....and in A BOX is just not one of them.This girl has learned quite a bit, allow me to share some of it with you.

One day, I will tell you all about my stint as an Estee Lauder Beauty Advisor... before I stumbled into being a leasing agent. One day, maybe if I ever start a cosmetic lipstick line....hint, hint.

-Truly, My Pleasure

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