I began shopping for books when I learned that I was pregnant with my daughter, Hannah Alexandria and was very disappointed in the options that were available. I was looking for books that affirmed Hannah's beauty, brilliance, talent and ability and could not find a line that was dedicated to edifying and encouraging my daughter. Girls face unique challenges with self esteem, peer pressure and developing a healthy sense of worth due to being bombarded by messages that chip away at the very essence of their being. So I began writing affirming letters and HANNAH THE GREAT books was born. During the exploratory process, I learned that girls in the United States are considered "in crisis" due to low self esteem. 70% are reported as having poor self image and esteem which lead to a host of other issues. Upon discovery of this statistical data, I knew I was on the right track and created a line that gives little girls the foundation they need to feel good about themselves, their talents and abilities. Hannah the Great MAKE GIRLS FEEL GREAT ABOUT BEING A GIRL. Each book has "affy" statements to be read daily. Affy statements are words of affirmation for little girls to say everyday.  

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Hannah the Great Books

No To Bullying! Emphasizing the importance of kindness and acceptance and will give children the confidence they need to be themselves while standing up for others.

Dana L. Perry

The main character in the series, Hannah explores the wonder of being girl. She learns through discovery that she is smart, talented, capable, beautiful and strong. Girls Can do that is a beautiful story that affirms confidence and ability. Girls do not have to choose between basketball or ballet, karate or gymnastics they are free to be guided by interest and ability

What is Faith? is a beautiful story about the journey of faith. This book offers guidance as to how a "little one" can find their unique way. It is not written from a specific belief system but designed for every little heart to define faith for themselves.

Payments are accepted via Pay Pal and now cash app. If you cash app, make sure you note which books you are ordering.

Payments are accepted via Pay Pal and now cash app. If you cash app, make sure you note which books you are ordering.

What is Pretty? reflects the beauty that is inside the heart and on face of every little girl. It is a beautiful declaration of the very simple fact that all little girls are pretty.