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I am spearheading three very important initiatives right now. #mutehate, #register5k, and #walkout.

#register5k- Register 5k is my family's commitment to registering 5,000 Georgia residents to vote at POP UP locations all over the city.

#mutehate- Mutehate will build momentum over time. The goal of this initiative is to mute the mics of people who advocate hateful and vile messages under the guise of free speech. Speech is free but we do not have to give it a mic. Neither do we have to lend it our ear.

#walkout- Walkout is a passive but effective way a person can protest HATE. Simply show the WALKOUT card to management or tag the company on social media if they allow for hateful apparel to be worn in their places of business. Maga hoods, confederate flags, and other symbols of hate and divisiveness are not allowed. We are at a place in our society where hate cannot be given a seat at the table or a place in line. Either they take off HATE or we WALK OUT.  Nascar recently banned confederate flags at their events and Go Fund Me terminated their contract with a conservative voice who is known for divisive and hateful rhetoric. We must demand that others follow their lead. A petition will be before Amazon soon to stop selling hate.

These efforts will be shared via social media. There will not be any updates to my website in the foreseeable future so I invite you to join my social media family and for the warm and fuzzy you have grown to love, you can still rock with my family on IG.

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