It is my sincere pleasure to share this space with you. If you are here it is because you want to get to know a little more about me. Consider me for something, hire me for something, connect with me for something.​

I am many things but I will make this as short and sweet as possible.

I have the pleasure and opportunity to do many things and create outlets for many expressions. Thankfully, I have a solid 25 year professional background in the housing industry where I garnered a host of transferable and needed skills and I am rooted in service. For over 15 years, I have volunteered my time and talents to various non profits to advance good will and am an Ambassador for Women for Women International.

I Am a published author with a GIRL POWER book line, called Hannah the Great that fosters healthy self esteem and ability in girls. I create skin care products. Lead a business coaltition for women, run my own property management gig, and was recently asked to co-direct Becoming Young Men, a mentoring program for boys. I am completing my studies as I pursue a Masters Degree and after co-lecturing one of my  classes, my professor said he had something to discuss with me. We met and he rolled out this plan for a mentoring program for at risk youth, and my heart leaped!

I wanted to do a program like this before and it did not happen due to an unequally yoked partnership but when the opportunity presented itself again, I knew it was a God nudge. I also have a blog so I can scratch my writing itch when the itch starts to itch without publishing another book! (LOL). This blog also serves as a platform for other writers to share. 

There is a production arm that manages all my events and those of other like minded professionals.

Most importantly, I am my own woman (a Jesus GIRL) and the proud mother of  Evan and Hannah. Evan is a budding producer and musician. You can check him out (he did an awesome beat for my skin care line) and Hannah is whatever she wants to be on any given day...much like her mother. She has a very neglected You Tube channel. You can see some of her acting and dancing ability at and Her commercial acting career is budding. She plans to act, dance and build clinics all over the world to care for stray pets. Very ambitious goals for a ten year old....but she can do whatever she wants to do.

Parenting is my life's pleasure. We live in Atlanta but the world is our home.

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