We Walk with You Every step of the Way: Freedom!

Women OWN Homes (Initiative #1)

Home Ownership is one of the first steps toward financial freedom. When you enroll in our program you will: 

Receive ONE on ONE coaching
Create and write your success plan
Meet with a reputable mortgage representative who will tell you where you are NOW and what you need to do to qualify for the BEST interest rate and terms Develop a realistic action plan that will take you from inquiry to closing,

  • Work your WO steps

  • Pre-Qua

  • Select your Realtor

  • Find hour new home

  • Offer. Accept. Close.

  • Receive your WO gift

  • Celebrate

  • Move to a NEXT STEP!

A Next Step

Own vacation property

A Next Step
Own investment property

A Next Step

OWN land

D. L. Perry

Ms. Perry is a woman that decided years ago that she would own her life. With over 25 years of experience in the housing industry, she was able to parlay this dynamic and transferable skill set into several successful independent endeavors. She is an advocate for women's rights, serving as an Ambassador for Women for Women International, is an international children's book author, supports local empowerment efforts for her community and is a entrepreneur.  This  effort is being applauded by community leaders and stakeholders. 

As the Mommy of two beautiful children and investor, she knows first hand what it takes for Women to Own.

Dana L. Perry