Hannah the Great Books

began shopping for books when I learned that I was pregnant with my daughter, Hannah Alexandria and was very disappointed in the options that were available. I was looking for books that affirmed my daughters beauty, brilliance, talent and ability and could not find a line that was dedicated to edifying and encouraging my daughter. Girls face unique challenges with self esteem, peer pressure and developing a healthy sense of worth due to being bombarded by messages that chip away at the very essence of their being. So I began writing affirming letters and HANNAH THE GREAT books were born.

During the exploratory process, I learned that girls in the United States are considered "in crisis" due to low self esteem. 70% are reported as having poor self image and esteem which lead to a host of other issues. Upon discovery of this statistical data, I knew I was on the right track and created a line that gives little girls the foundation they need to feel good about themselves, their talents and abilities. Hannah the Great MAKE GIRLS FEEL GREAT ABOUT BEING A GIRL.

Each book has "affy" statements to be read daily. Affy statements are words of affirmation for little girls to say everyday