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Are you interested in attending the WO (Women Own) workshops?

If so, please send your WHY statement (why this will benefit you), and include a letter of introduction and a representative will contact you shortly.

One Saturday Session, Once a Month

Classes and Workshops will include:

  • Writing YOUR life plan
  •  Getting Credit Worthy to purchase primary residence
  •  Positioning yourself to purchase real estate investment property
  •  Everything you need to know about starting a business or a non-profit in GA
  •  Financial Investments 101
  •  Prepaid college planning, Collaborative States
  • Continuing Education Resources, Going back to School for FREE
  •  Multiple Streams of Income, Build your Empire
  • The Value of Purchasing Land,
  • Savings and Estate Building, Leaving a legacy for your children
  •  Building Wealth, The Continuation 
  • and more.